Same dogs, new tricks

Smart collar, web and mobile app meant to enhance the quality of life of animals, owners, strays and citizens. Our goal is to help pet owners, professional or not, check the location and well-being of their pets in real time. The ecosystem we have designed can also help manage the problem of stray dogs within municipalities. It is an effective and useful way, with absolutely respect towards animals.


GPS Τracking

Equipped with high fidelity GPS tracker, you can see the position of your pet in real time and where it is heading.

Data Collection

With the help of heart and oxygen monitors you can check up on their health on the spot and prevent possible risks.

Web App

Through the website you can see all the data collected and analysed in order to be on top of every situation.

Battery Life of 1 month

Every harness has up to 1 month of battery life and we provide you with the easiest ways to charge up.


Everything is customisable so you can choose what works best for you and your pet.

Mobile App

With an easy to use mobile app you can check up on your pet on the spot.

Who We Are

Eleni manta

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Civil Engineering

Panagiotis Mantas

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Informatics and
at UoA

Maria Manta

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Architecture Engineering

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