How often should you walk your dog?

We usually read that it is enough to walk your dog often to keep him healthy. But how often do you go out? And how often should you date? And what happens in the winter? And how to get the most out of the rides? Find the answers here!

Every dog ​​has different walking needs.

How often should you walk your dog?

A general rule is that it would be good to go out 3-4 times a day for at least 15 minutes . But this depends on three factors:

  • Your dog's breed
  • Its age, size and state of health
  • His eating habits

For small dogs one walk a day may be enough, but more energetic breeds need more . Is your dog one of these breeds? Do you like to exercise and would like to spend more time with your dog? Maybe you don't know for sure how much she should be exercising. In this case, it would be a good idea to visit the vet. The doctor can give you useful information and advice for walks, which will concern the characteristics of your dog.

Activity needs by breed

Each breed has different needs and limitations when it comes to daily activity. See what needs your four-legged friend has based on his breed. And don't forget to check his activity, with the help of the P-BOX GPS tracker through the Activity button in the mCubed app.

High energy breeds

Below are all the high-energy breeds that will be able to keep up with your exercise-loving lifestyle:

1. Border Collie

2. Australian Shepherd

3. Dalmatian

4. Irish Setter

5. Rhodesian Ridgeback

6. Weimaraner

7. Labrador Retriever

8. Siberian Husky

Adventures in nature are the ideal way to bond with your dog if he belongs to one of these breeds. Whether you go for a walk, hike or run, your four-legged friend will make the activity twice as fun.

Activity for shepherds

Dogs belonging to herding breeds need more exercise, and should practice not only their physical but also their mental abilities. Simple games will be boring to them, so you can think more creatively!

Did you know that shepherds need at least 2.5 hours of vigorous exercise a day? This means at least 4 walks a day of 20-25 minutes . As these dogs are very smart, you need to exercise their spirit too, 30 minutes a day you have to play "smart" games.

An activity tracker is very useful for these dogs, so you can check their activity throughout the day.

Activity for Terriers

Small, lively, with temperament and receptive to training , this is how one would describe Terrier dogs. This breed of dog may be small, but needs plenty of exercise.

Tip : Terriers need at least 1.5 hours of activity a day.

You could do 3 walks a day of 20-25 minutes . Spiritual practice is also a very good idea for this breed. About 20 minutes a day is enough to keep fit.

Needs of hunting dogs, Pinschers, Schnauzers and Greyhounds

Breeds in this category such as:

  • Dalmatians
  • Greyhound
  • Beagles
  • And other

They definitely need plenty of exercise. For them , 1.5 hours of daily walking and activity is the minimum. As these breeds love to run, don't hesitate to start training them, as long as you do it gradually and take your dog's age into account .

Tip : for these breeds, 3 walks a day for at least 30 minutes are recommended, as well as activities to improve perception.

If your active pooch has a tendency to run away, invest in a GPS tracker so you can always know where he is.

How much exercise do pet dogs need?

French Bulldogs need special attention on walks.

Chihuahuas and similar breeds are called companion dogs. These dogs are not particularly active , it would be good to avoid vigorous exercise. Instead you can play short games and go for short walks to keep them in shape.

Some dogs can be adversely affected by excessive exercise, such as short-haired breeds. Because they have less hair they can overheat easily and have breathing problems. These breeds only need short and easy walks . To make sure your small dog doesn't get more exercise than he should, you can monitor his activity with mCubed's GPS and activity tracker.

Tip : 2 short, daily walks are enough for dogs of this breed.

Your dog may belong to a breed that is very active, but they also have their own unique temperament and may prefer the sofa to the walk. Some dogs are the best runners, while others struggle even if they walk slowly. Try to understand your dog's needs and consult the veterinarian for a detailed exercise program adapted to your four-legged friend.

Why walk your dog ?

There are several reasons to walk your dog often. Some are about his health and some are about his discipline. Leash walking can help your dog develop discipline by walking alongside you at your pace.

What should you pay attention to when walking your dog? As always, safety comes first.

Only try walking off-leash when you are in safe, uncrowded areas and you are sure he won't try to escape.

If he escapes, don't punish him. It is very important that he does not associate his return with any feelings of guilt or anger. If you notice that your dog has a tendency to escape, then you should always wear his leash. Another tip to keep your dog safe is to teach him the basic safety commands. They are very easy to learn and can save you and your dog from dangerous situations.

Its benefits

Walking is a very important part of a dog's life. A simple walk can improve your dog's social behavior and strengthen the bond that unites you. By making walking your dog a fun part of your day, you can have fun while keeping your dog healthy.

Walking a puppy can reduce destructive biting and scratching (if this is a problem your dog has). But the benefits aren't just for your dog! Spending time outside walking your dog can improve your physical condition and sense of well-being. Daily walking can lower blood pressure, strengthen bones and reduce the risk of diabetes. What are you waiting for; Take your mCubed GPS and activity tracker and look for the next adventure with your dog!