Tips to have a nice and safe winter with your dog

Did you know that cold weather can pose health risks for your dog? Don't worry though, you can protect him very easily and have a great time!

Playing with our dog in the snow is fun as long as we don't overdo it.

Tips to have a nice and safe winter with your dog

For some of us, the cold winter weather is annoying and unpleasant, while for others it is a fun time full of snowboarding, skiing and other winter activities. Whatever your opinion of winter, one thing remains the same for those of us who have a pet, that it is a time when our four-legged friend needs extra care. Below you will find tips and suggestions to keep your pet healthy and safe this winter.

Short winter walks

Does your pet spend most of its time in the yard? It may need to be installed indoors for the colder months, especially if you live in an area with particularly cold temperatures. Dogs that are left out in the cold for long periods of time can get frostbite on their paws. It is not recommended to leave the dogs outside for a long time in the cold, and especially if your dog is small, then you need to take even more care of it. In winter, short and frequent walks are better than one long walk.

Warm bed

In addition to reducing the time spent in the cold, don't let your dog sleep on the cold floor. Choosing the right bed is very important in keeping your dog warm. Warm blankets and a warm bed can create a cozy place instead of cold tiles or cement. Place his crib in a warm part of the house, away from drafts, cold tiles or uncarpeted floors.

Never leave your dog unattended in the car!

Cars, even in the summer, can develop very high temperatures, so very cold temperatures can be just as dangerous for your dog in the winter. The best thing you can do is leave the dog at home when you go out for work. .

Don't feed him more!

Puppies may need extra protection in the winter, but this should be achieved with a blanket and not by increasing their body fat. if your dog doesn't stay outside then he doesn't need extra extra calories in the winter. Cold temperatures, in fact, can make him lazier and need fewer calories. Pay attention to how much he exercises and adjust his food accordingly. Make sure as long as your dog is fed properly to have a healthy coat and enough energy during the winter months.

Water is essential!

Dogs can become dehydrated just as quickly in the winter as in the summer, so fresh water is essential to their health. Although many dogs eat snow, it is no substitute for fresh water. Keep an eye on the water bowl and make sure it always has enough water to drink. If your dog spends part of the day outside, he must have access to clean water.

Snow is no substitute for fresh water. Make sure your dog's bowl is always full and clean.

Foot care

Just like us, our skin can crack in the winter, so can dogs' paws. Take care of his paws, they are ready for winter. A good grooming is essential for winter. Long-haired dogs should be trimmed to reduce the chances of ice, salt and antifreeze chemicals sticking to them which can damage the skin and especially the paws. If your dog has very hairy paws, they should be trimmed throughout the winter.

Beware of salt and antifreeze

Salt and other antifreeze chemicals can be very harmful to your dog. The types of salt used to melt the snow and keep it from refreezing can harm his sensitive paws. Protect them and keep them warm in the winter with dog boots. Also, keep your dog away from places that have antifreeze or other harmful chemicals. Antifreeze tastes sweet to dogs and they will immediately lick it off if they find it. Antifreeze is extremely toxic and even a small amount can be fatal.

Hot water

When walking outside it is almost impossible to completely avoid road salt. Put a bowl of warm water at the entrance of the house and clean his paws and your shoes when you return from the walk.

Exercise inside the house

When it's cold outside, we can play with our dog inside the house.

It's cold outside and the game sounds less fun than it did a few months ago. But it's absolutely essential to make sure your dog gets enough exercise. Don't let the cold be your excuse for not playing with your dog, you can play indoors! Show your dog how much you love him with indoor games and activities. You can run up the stairs or try to learn new tricks. There are many ways for you and your dog to have fun in the winter!